How can you make money with this magic trick?

Anyone can make money with simple magic tricks like this one. If you’re good with people (not a con-man) and can entertain them while having them reward you for thier amusement then you can sit on a street corner and impress people with it. Although I myself have never done that before I know that it is possible and has been done before. I have however used this trick to impress my friends and family, grab a buck or two from people who bet I couldn’t make the ball appear back in the vase. Remember to ask “I’ll be you a dollar that I can make the ball appear back in the vase.” This is best used with a group of people and make sure you actually see the money before performing the trick. I have even used this trick to get a discount at a local carpet cleaning business one time. You can do it too by following this blog and performing it well enough to impress your audience!


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