I just won a free garage door clicker!

I use the ball vase trick to get free services all the time. It is amazing to use when you want something more than what you’re being offered. I always use magic tricks as a way to get bonuses after purchasing a new product. I recently used the trick to get a free garage door clicker from a garage door repair company in Middletown CT. I was on vacation in the area and my vacation home had problems with the garage door.

My garage door was literally locking my car inside the house! I had the rental company call a repair company and come out. I bet then a garage door clicker for mine at my home that I could make the ball disappear and reappear again. They bought it! Unsurprisingly they let me take one of the many clickers they had. They showed me I could install it on my garage at home.

That is how you get more bonuses from using the ball vase magic trick

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