How not to do the ball and vase magic trick

The ball and vase magic trick is very simple but can be messed up very easily. Its very important to remember these tips:

1. Don’t rush the trick.
2. Remember to grab the vase at the very top in order to revile the fake ball.
3. Don’t miss place the ball.
4. When showing the glued ball make sure to not move the vase to much.
5. Practice makes perfect!

The ball and vase magic trick can be messed up quite easily by newer magicians that rush the trick or don’t take the time to practice it before they move on to show it off. An easy way to make sure that you can perform the trick the correct way is to do it as many times as possible before you show it to anyone else. Follow these tips and you should be just fine!

If you’re having problems and cant quite get it right then feel free to contact me here for questions!

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