How can you make money with this magic trick?

Anyone can make money with simple magic tricks like this one. If you’re good with people (not a con-man) and can entertain them while having them reward you for thier amusement then you can sit on a street corner and impress people with it. Although I myself have never done that before I know that it is possible and has been done before. I have however used this trick to impress my friends and family, grab a buck or two from people who bet I couldn’t make the ball appear back in the vase. Remember to ask “I’ll be you a dollar that I can make the ball appear back in the vase.” This is best used with a group of people and make sure you actually see the money before performing the trick. I have even used this trick to get a discount at a local carpet cleaning business one time. You can do it too by following this blog and performing it well enough to impress your audience!


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How to perform the ball and vase magic trick

There are two balls in the vase. One is an actually ball that can roll and be hidden in your pocket, under a cap, in your sleeve, or where ever you want to be creative and hide it. The second ball is cut in half and glued to the bottom of the top. Follow these steps:

Step one: Take the actual ball out of the vase and place it somewhere hidden from the viewer.
Step two: Show the viewer that the ball is not in your hands
Step three: Show the viewer that the ball in no longer in in the vase
Step Four: Wave your magic hands and say some magic words
Step Five: Reveal the fake half-ball to the view still inside the vase

Its that simple! Contact me for questions!

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How not to do the ball and vase magic trick

The ball and vase magic trick is very simple but can be messed up very easily. Its very important to remember these tips:

1. Don’t rush the trick.
2. Remember to grab the vase at the very top in order to revile the fake ball.
3. Don’t miss place the ball.
4. When showing the glued ball make sure to not move the vase to much.
5. Practice makes perfect!

The ball and vase magic trick can be messed up quite easily by newer magicians that rush the trick or don’t take the time to practice it before they move on to show it off. An easy way to make sure that you can perform the trick the correct way is to do it as many times as possible before you show it to anyone else. Follow these tips and you should be just fine!

If you’re having problems and cant quite get it right then feel free to contact me here for questions!

The Ball and Vase

This little very simple magic was invented by Jacques Ozanam who was a mathematical of French decent. Although through the years he hadn’t got much credit for his invention some of us do greatly appreciate his work. This trick was invented likely around the year 1675 when Ozanam was in his mid 30’s. I can’t say this magic trick was a large part of his life but it has been known as one of the oldest magic trick around.
The ball and vase magic trick is great because:

1. You can learn it in minutes.
2. Its relatively cheap to start (around $3).
3. You can fool your friends into making them think you’re magic.
4. If you’re good with people you can use it (and any other magic trick) to make a buck or two.

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When I was younger I started magic with the ball and vase trick and that is likely why its so valuable to me. I could start a small career using this trick. Back then I used it to make bets and grab a couple extra dollars for a soda after school. For years I began to learn more difficult tricks I could use to impress people and make some change here and there.

Some people may look down on this sort of work but think about this. Its entertaining, people enjoy it, and even if they lose a dollar I almost always get asked to do it again.


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