What is the best music out right now in my opinion?
Ha-ha I feel like I’m being stared down whenever I’m asked this question. Seriously though, I love many types of music and use it often to get things accomplished. Growing up I listened to mostly classic rock and still do from time to time. During my teens it was likely rap. After a little while it turned into edm.
I love all music honestly. I know that sounds cheesy but I do enjoy a lot of different types of music. I’ve hung out and been close to many different types of people which has opened my music life. So whether its Skrillix or George Straight I’ve got you covered.
I remember when I was younger that I wanted to make a song. I didn’t put a lot of work into it being that I was around 6 years old. I would just talk and make it sound similar to the tune of Brittany Spears Baby One More Time song. That song went on to go with me in tune with ever sentence that went through my head. It’s really quite simple actually I had a song stuck in my head. As a child I didn’t realize how to deal with the sub conscious thinking.
To look on a past memory in this detail makes me happy. I have so many of those memory’s lost naturally it makes me so delighted whenever a lost memory comes back for a brief minute. I never had a extremely close relationship with artists or genres. However I always had great enjoyment from listening to music all the time. Some of that could be have been caused to I didn’t really do some things my friends did.
If my friends were doing the same things I wanted to do, then we were together. If my friends where doing things that I wasn’t interested in then I didn’t join them. Sometimes they would get annoyed but I would always invite them around when I wanted to do the same things they wanted to do. Now that I’m older that sense comes in handy. I don’t get distracted by adventures I know shouldn’t be in my interest.

Hey since I am doing this shout out I want to throw a shout out to seth’s new carpet cleaning business.


When I was younger I would always be told that I had to go to college after I graduated high school. When that day came I had no plans to go to college. I was young and just wanted to have some fun and freedom for a couple years. My parents still pushed me into going to take a couple classes. I didn’t do it but yet I still have the debt from it. They did the same thing to younger brother and he went for a couple years just to drop out and become a business owner.
So, what are my thoughts on college?
1. It’s not for everyone!
a. Don’t feel like you have to go to college.
b. You should want to go if its right for you.
c. Feel obligated to be successful in your passion
2. Fun times!
a. You can a lot of fun while you’re in college.
b. Plenty of parties and Greek events to keep you entertained.
c. Lots of insanely gorgeous women.
3. Can be a huge waste of time and money!
a. If it’d not your passion, then find your passion!

It’s okay if you don’t think college is right for you when you start out. Go try something else for a
while and see if that fits you better. I never even went to college and I can tell its not for me. So go out there and explore!

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Yesterday I had the chance to go out and have some fun at my friends Seth’s house for the day. His family had around eight horses than we can ride. I was feeling pretty brave so I went ahead and grabbed jasper from the stables. Jasper is a young horse that still has a wild side to him. It seems that every time I’ve rode him that has tried to buck me off. He’s hasn’t been successful at it in a long time and I don’t expect him to anytime soon.

Seth’s family made it big by building a handyman business based online in Orlando FL. Here’s a link to their website:

He may have the willpower to be a rebel but he doesn’t buck like any bronco around. I’ve had some history with horses that like to buck. At first when I was younger I would get bucked off rather easily by a horse that didn’t want to be rode anymore. Now I don’t get thrown so easily. After years of riding and breaking horses I’ve gotten a lot better at not being thrown off. Continue reading “Jasper”

Wranglers Campground

This is where i’ve spent many weekends with my family and friends. So many trails to ride and time to spend on the back of my ponies. My uncle introduced my family to this campground early on in my horse riding days. I would beg my parents for us to go there every weekend. Unfortunately we could go that much so, when we did go I made sure I made the best of it.

Wranglers has over 100 miles of horse trails and plently of room to keep our horses around. There are also wagon trails as well. Im more focused on going on rides well into the 20 mile range. All day rides filled with some beer drinking and relaxing under the sun.

My passion started young.

I ask myself this question every day. I assume that it was from the media I watched when I was young. My father is a big western movie fan so characters like John Wayne where large impacts on my life. Although westerns where nice my favorite movie growing up wasn’t even about horses. 8 seconds was that movie. I love the story of Lane Frost following his passion of Bull Riding against all odds. He was obsessed with riding bulls just like I’m obsessed with riding horses. Here’s the wiki page on the movie.
If you have never seen the movie, then I highly recommend it. I’m going to get off subject here and talk about this movie. So Lane Frost grew up around rodeo (Unlike myself) so he had the advantage of starting his passion at a very young age. As he grows up he learns everything there is to know about rodeo from his father. His father constantly pushes him to do better than what he is.
From my perspective Lane doesn’t take his father’s pushing as a positive impact on his life. I believe that Lane is lucky to have someone like that in his life. I sometimes feel like I don’t have anyone to look up too when it comes to horse riding and training. Similar to myself Lane has two close friends Tuff and Cody both are also bull riders. The three of them travel the country (another passion of mine) competing in many bull riding competitions.
They get themselves in some trouble along the way but stay close friends for the most part. Lane meets a young barrel racer named Kellie. The two of them spend a lot of quality time together and end up getting married. After the marriage between the two of them Lane begins his journey to the top. The more he rides and wins rodeos the more pressure he gets pressed on himself. Although he puts more pressure on himself than anyone else does the pressure is stressful none the less. He wants to be as good as everyone thinks he is so the pressure builds. Through this pressure he throws a lot of obsession with the need to be the best. He wins the world championship and yet that’s not quite enough to make his father happy, at least from Lanes perspective. Continue reading “My passion started young.”

Who the hell is Tyler?

Hey there random people! Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Tyler and this blog is a little about who I am and what I do. I’m 24 years old and I love riding horses. Not only do I love riding horses but I love everything there is to do with horses. I want to own my own stables one day and train the horses there for a living. Since I was about 15 years old I’ve had this dream and I’ve worked hard to make sure I learn everything I can about horses and how to train them properly. I ride every day I can to make sure my skills stay on top.
I feel like I’m ready to start working with other people’s horses any day now. Nearly all of my friends are into riding too. It seems that all my friends I had that weren’t into riding I don’t talk to as much anymore. I guess whenever I began being obsessed with this passion I dropped some friends that didn’t have the same passion. Although I miss them I know what I want to do and I have to make sure I’m surrounded by people who share the same passion. Me and my friend Seth hang out constantly. The majority of the time we’re riding and drinking beers in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. Although some people might say I have a simple country boy life I love it. I want to keep it that way because it matches my goals. I am naturally obsessed with my goals because my goals are surrounded by my passions. I applaud anyone who chases their passion over going to a 9-5 job that they hate. You may notice that I don’t talk about my job much because it’s not a big part of my life. I hope you liked my about me page!